How to Start Your Career as School Psychologist

Psychologists are employed in all fields is expected to rise faster than the national typical for any occupation over the coming years. As more children are affected by violence in the family, crime as well as alcohol and drug abuse, the need for school psychologists’ counsel is growing which could can lead to a variety of career opportunities in this area   Psicologo Scolastico. If you’re looking to get started as a school psychologist, you’re on the right track to a career that will lead you to a brighter and more rewarding future.

Education Requirement

The minimum requirement for being certified as school psychologist differs between states and state in the US. The majority of states will accept an advanced degree in counseling or psychology, but some states such as Hawaii as well as Maine have a requirement for a minimum doctoral degrees to be eligible to be employed. If you’re planning to start your career as a school psychologist in Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that accept an undergraduate degree holder as school psychologists, you should take master’s counseling or psychology degree to ensure that your certification is recognized in all states.

When it comes to the educational channel it is possible to pursue your psychology degree from an institution that is based on campus or in one of the psychology online degrees offered through your favorite online university. A psychology degree online has benefits over traditional degree programs on campus in terms of flexibility and convenience for students to learn from anywhere and at any time. This makes it ideal for those who work and are looking to expand their careers and eventually become a school psychologist since it is not necessary to disrupt your work schedule and maintain your existing lifestyle.

Nature of Work

The principal duties for a psychologist in schools could include advising teachers on classroom behavior issues, administering tests that are standardized, and establishing special programs specifically for intellectually as well as emotionally challenged children.

In general, a school psychologist is not a single school. Typically, you need to spread your time across different schools within an region. If therapy is required for a child, the psychologist will usually refer the child for mental illness to an center located in the local area.

Other responsibilities for school psychologists could include giving classes on the skills of parenting including substance abuse, as well as other subjects that relate for healthy school environments. There is also the need to study the efficacy of educational programs and methods for managing behavior.

Career Advancement

If you’ve begun your school psychology profession with a master’s degree, the higher education you pursue to a doctoral level will enhance your level of competitiveness and competence in your field of work to advance your career to a higher stage of management. The experience gained along your career path will assist you advance your career to a higher level and you can choose to move into different fields of psychology or even become a consultant to many large companies in which the expertise of psychologists is required.


School psychologists are now an essential position in schools and educational institutions. The demand for this position is high and has led to numerous career options for those keen on this particular field. You can get a job as a school psychologist with the minimum of a master’s degree in counseling or psychology.